Methods Of Leak Detection In The Home

11 August 2022
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One day you may start to notice your water bill going up. You also start to notice damp spots in a room or even various rooms. As you start to investigate these issues, you start finding dampness along the baseboards of your walls. These all are signs of a leak in your plumbing. If you are experiencing these issues you may need leak detection services. Here are some of the methods plumbers use during a leak detection visit and what you need to know about each one. 

Visual Detection

One of the most common ways plumbers perform leak detection is with a visual detection. They know where to look and the most likely places a leak would be. They can also visually check areas you may not consider such as around hot water heaters, in your kitchen near the dishwasher, or outlets leading outside the home. The visual detection can give the plumber an idea of what is going on with the plumbing and where to examine further with different methods. 

Pipe Inspection Camera

When the plumber knows the leak is in a particular pipe but is deep within that pipe, cameras are used. There are special pipe inspection cameras that can be fed into the pipe and locate clogs as well as detect leaks. Once the leaks are found, they can determine what is causing the leak and what repair steps are next. There may be multiple areas contributing to the leaks. These can all be located and noted by using the inspection camera. 

Acoustic Listening

One method you may not have heard of is acoustic listening techniques. This type of method allows the plumber to use a special device that can listen to the sound of the pipes throughout the home. The listening device lets them hear the differences in the water flow and if a small drip is happening. Once they detect the area of the leak, they can move forward with reaching the pipe and repairing the leak. 

Finding the leak on your own is still an option. However, keep in mind if it is a small leak or inside the walls, you will have difficulty finding it on your own. Contact your local plumber to schedule a visit. They will handle everything from leak detection to repairing the leak. If you have questions regarding any repairs or other related plumbing issues, ask your plumber during the initial leak detection visit.

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