Dining Room Do-Over: Furniture Tips For Bringing Back The Family Dining Room

30 July 2021
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It is no secret the COVID-19 pandemic changed interior design trends.  As a result of people spending more time than ever at home, the family dining room is getting more attention than ever. Bringing back the family dining room is a wonderful idea, and replacing your old dining room furniture is a great way to start.

Say goodbye to formal furniture

The trend is evolving away from the traditional dining room that tends to be formal in nature and where appearance was everything. Newer trends are all about comfort and creating a dining room that works well for family meals and game nights but that can also be used for entertaining.

Look for durable furniture that will hold up to the demands of family life while providing the ultimate comfort. For instance, cushioned dining room chairs are a must-have in the comfort department, as the dining room table often must double as a desk for work or school tasks. Look for furniture styles with less fancy ornamentation that combines simple lines with a relaxed and casual appearance.

Bigger tables are in demand

Bigger dining room tables are getting a lot of attention even for smaller families. Tables that contain options for expansion are also popular choices, as they come with an extra leaf or two that makes it easy to change the size of the table when necessary. This makes it easy to add length for game nights, entertaining, or when extra space is needed for work or school projects.

Round and oval tables versus square or rectangular

Round- or oval-shaped tables are seen as more casual than the traditional square or rectangle styles and are a great upgrade to give your dining room a relaxing and inviting look. You can also use two round tables to create a fun restaurant-style dining room experience if desired.

Mix rather than match

Expect to see less matching furniture and more of a combination of furniture in today's dining rooms. Mix dining benches with dining room chairs or use a contemporary-style table with cottage-style chairs. Mixing styles can increase eye appeal in the room while giving the room a more laid-back look.

After years of fading in popularity, the family dining room is making a comeback. The dining room table has become not only a place to share family meals but also a place for family game nights and work and school activities. Now is the perfect time to give your dining room a makeover with new and stylish furniture.

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