5 Benefits Of Having A Lawn Sprinkler System Installed

26 April 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Grass needs water to thrive, and it doesn't always rain enough in the summer to supply your lawn with the hydration it needs. A solution is to have a lawn sprinkler system installed. The extra water for your lawn could be what it takes to have a lush, green lawn all season. Here are some benefits of a professionally installed sprinkler system.

No More Brown Spots

When your sprinklers are installed by a professional, they ensure there is uniform coverage across your entire lawn so there are no crunchy brown spots of dead grass to affect the appearance of your yard. Plus, providing supplemental water during the summer ensures your grass won't die out if there's a long period without rain.

A Sprinkler System Works By Itself

When you're busy, it may be hard to fit watering the lawn in your schedule. Or you might forget and let the grass get too dried out, or you might water the lawn too often. An advantage of a lawn sprinkler system is that it works all by itself once you have it programmed. It turns on and turns off automatically, and some systems even sense rain so they won't turn on if it's raining.

Consistent Watering Keeps Your Grass Healthy

Besides making your grass more attractive, consistent watering makes it healthier so it can warn off infections and other problems. Keeping grass lush and healthy is also important for keeping weeds away since healthy grass crowds out the weeds. A healthy and attractive yard improves the value and appeal of your property, which is important if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Sprinklers Let You Water At Dawn

A good time to water your lawn is in the early morning before the sun gets too hot. That's often difficult to do if you water by hand. By using sprinklers that are programmed to come on in the early morning hours, your lawn will receive water at the optimum time of day for promoting good health of the grass.

Sprinklers Allow You Freedom To Travel

If you're able to travel most of the summer when the weather is nice, you may worry about your lawn dying while you're away. When you have a lawn sprinkler system in place, you have peace of mind your grass will be kept healthy until you return. You'll need to hire someone to mow the grass too, and when you come home, your lawn will be just as beautiful as when you left even if there was no rain.