Short On Janitors During Flu Season? Options That Can Help

20 October 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Flu season knocks the wind out of your sails. When you are in charge of a building where many people work, such as a public school, flu can run amok and make several employees, teachers, kids, and other staff members sick all at once. While you would not want anyone to get sick with the flu, you definitely do not want your janitors to get sick at all. Your janitors help keep the school clean and free of many of the germs that could make everyone else sick. If you find yourself short on janitors during the flu season (and it definitely could happen!), here are a few options to help keep things running as smoothly, cleanly, and germ-free as possible when your own staff can't finish.

Janitorial Service

A private janitorial service can do something your own janitors cannot. They can always send another janitor or team of janitors in to temporarily replace your janitors who are out with the flu. Temporary janitors report for duty when you need them and only continue to work the jobs you have for them while your own janitors are out. The temporary janitors also fill in for open janitorial positions in the event that your own janitors quit.

Temp to Hire Cleaning Services

Temp to hire cleaning services are slightly different from the janitorial service above. In this case, you are still working with temporary janitorial help to help get you through the flu season, but you also have one or more open janitorial positions you need to fill. You can work with a temp agency on a "temp to hire" contract. That means you can contract a temp janitor and then after a period of time, purchase the janitor's contract from the temp agency to hire him/her permanently.

One-Time Cleaning Services

One-time cleaning services are cleaners, maids, and janitors that come in to finish a day's work when your own janitors have gone home early for the day due to the flu (or other illness). They can either finish the work left behind on a partial day or do all of the cleaning tasks your own janitors would do in a single day if your janitors called in sick in the morning and did not come into work. You cannot hire these people outside of their company's working hours to work unless you have previously arranged it with the cleaning company.