Upgrading Your Pool Area With A Safety Fence And Gate System

24 January 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Improving the safety of your swimming pool can be a necessary step for reducing the risk of accidents occurring. In this regard, the installation of a pool safety gate may be a step that you will want to consider taking to reduce the risk of children or pets accidentally falling into the water.

Safety Gates Are Not Only For Those With Small Children

There is an assumption that a safety gate is only needed for those that have small children. While the installation of a pool safety gate can help to keep children from accidentally falling into the water, this is not the only type of protection that it can offer. Small animals and pets can also be at risk of falling into the water and getting stuck. Additionally, these gates can help to prevent individuals that have accessed your property without authorization to avoid accidentally falling into the pool.

The Height Of the Safety Gate Is An Essential Consideration

Throughout the process of preparing to have a safety gate installed, you should be mindful of the height of this gate and the fence around the pool. A fence that is too low could be easy for individuals and animals to scale. In addition to making sure the fence is too tall for pets or children to jump over, you may also want to place a guard at the top of the fence. This can make the fence more difficult for small animals to climb over it to gain access to the pool area.

Your Safety Gate Should Allow You To See Through It

A common mistake that people can make when they have a safety fence installed around their pool can be failing to consider the need to see the pool. A wood fence or other option that blocks your line of sight may prevent you from seeing situations where a pet or child has somehow managed to gain access to this area. In addition to choosing a safety fence, it is also possible to choose glass safety fencing that will allow you to maintain a clear view of the pool while still being able to effectively stop unauthorized access to it. The option that will work best for your property will depend on the budget that you have for this feature and the design that you are wanting to achieve. However, a pool safety gate and fence contractor will be able to assist you with fully evaluating the options that are available to you for this project.