Things To Discuss With Your Roofer Before Getting A New Roof

14 October 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you're about to have a new roof put on your home, it can really pay to have a good talk with your roofing contractor beforehand. They are valuable sources of information, and they can offer you a lot of input and guidance regarding not only your roof replacement but other upcoming work. Here are some specific things worth discussing with your roof contractor before getting a new roof.

What roof materials are best suited to your climate?

These days, there are so many different roof materials to choose from. Tile, metal, asphalt shingles, solar roofs, green roofs, and rubber roofs are all widely available. Which is best for your home is somewhat a matter of opinion. It really depends on your budget and the style you prefer. However, there are different roof materials that are best suited to different climates. It's a good idea to ask your roofer which materials they think are best suited to your local climate. Then, you can choose a roofing material from that shorter list and be confident it will protect your home.

What modifications might improve your roof?

It's also a good idea to ask your roof contractor what modifications they might recommend for your roof. They may, for instance, suggest adding a dormer to a certain spot to bring more light into your home. Or, they may recommend that you have extra vents added to the attic. You do not necessarily have to take your roofer up on every modification they suggest. However, it's good to know what their suggestions are so that you can adequately consider them.

What roofing problems are most common in your area?

Ask your roofer what roofing issues they see most often in your area. This can help you know what to watch out for as your new roof ages. For example, if your roofer says they see a lot of lifted shingles due to ice dams, you can keep an eye out for ice dams over the years. If your roofer says they're always seeing rust around chimney flashings due to consistent rain, then you know to keep an eye on your flashings when it's been wet outside. 

If you discuss the topics above when hiring a roofer, you'll get a lot more knowledge out of the experience. Residential roofers know their profession and are generally happy to talk about it with those who show interest and want to learn.