An Overview Of Having A New Roof Installed When Your Old Roof Is Damaged By A Storm

5 February 2021
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If your roof was damaged in a storm, you may have a hard time deciding if you need to replace the roof or repair the damage. If enough shingles are damaged, replacing the roof could be the most cost-effective choice. Plus, mixing in several new shingles with old ones might make your roof look unattractive. Here are a few things to know about the roofing installation process due to storm damage.

Stop The Leak First

It's not always possible to have a new roof put on right away. There could be a delay of several days or weeks before you can have your roofing installation done. You don't want your roof to leak that entire time, so the roofer might need to make temporary repairs to keep your roof from leaking. This might involve simply covering the roof with a tarp for the short term.

Schedule The Work As Soon As Possible

A roof tarp isn't a long-term solution, especially during storm season, so you'll want to schedule the work as soon as you can. A tarp can give you time to think about the type of roofing you want so you don't have to make a decision in a hurry and make a choice you regret later. Roofing installations can be done any time of the year as long as the temperature is in the necessary range and there aren't unpleasant weather conditions, such as heavy snow or rain.

When you have your new roof put on as soon as possible, you might prevent escalating damage to your roof. If many shingles were ripped off by the storm or if shingles were damaged by hail, the roofer may only need to replace the shingles when installing a new roof. However, if the deck of the roof sustains water damage due to a delay, it has to be replaced too, and that adds to the cost of your roofing installation.

Understand The Process And Warranties

If you've never put a new roof on your home before, a roofing installation may seem intimidating. Be sure to take your time with the contractor and get all your questions answered so you know what to expect once work begins. You'll also want to understand the warranties that come with your roof so you know what is and isn't covered in case of roof damage in the future.

Check Your New Roof Regularly

New asphalt shingles that are properly installed should give you years of protection. However, it's possible some of the shingles could be defective, and if so, any problems caused by those shingles should show up in the first few years so you can have them replaced if needed. Also, making regular checks on your roof helps you spot damage to the shingles that could eventually lead to a roof leak, and you can have repairs done right away to keep your roof in good shape for as long as possible.

To learn more, contact a roofing contractor.