Consider These Features To Turn Your Home Theater Into A One-Of-A-Kind Creation

23 September 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


It's exciting to move into a home that is equipped with a home theater room, but perhaps even more thrilling to take the plunge and have a room in your home converted into a home theater. This scenario is ideal because you aren't bound by what already exists; when you hire a contractor for the job, he or she can execute your vision, regardless of how specific it is. When you're in the early stages of thinking about a home theater, it's useful to devote some time to brainstorming. This will allow you to think about all of the desirable features you want in the space, beyond the mainstays of a projector and screen and a stellar sound system. Here are some ideas.

Sky-Like Ceiling

Whether you loved the idea of drive-in movies when you were a kid or you just want to create a stunning ambiance for your home theater, talk to your contractor about ceiling that depicts the night sky. There are many ways to build this type of ceiling, but a common method is to install a black drop ceiling with a series of small holes, and then have LED lights suspended above the ceiling. The bright lights will shine through the holes and give you and your guests the feeling of watching your movie under the stars.

Theater-Style Wall Sconces

The lights from the ceiling won't be enough to illuminate the space when you're not actively screening a movie, so think about other lighting solutions. A series of wall sconces down the sides of the room can pay homage to the lighting at actual movie theaters. Depending on the size of the room, your contractor can install one, two or more sconces on each side wall and connect them to dimmer switches. This will allow you to have the room partially lit after a movie without creating a high degree of contrast. For an added unique twist, think about equipping the sconces with red, blue, or green bulbs.

On-Site Bar

While it's nice to have a vintage popcorn maker or the availability of other snacks in your home theater, talk to your contractor about building an on-site bar to the rear of the room. Imagine the atmosphere this bar could help create — you have your friends over for a movie night, but before you dim the lights and begin the screening, everyone can enjoy some appetizers and drinks laid out on the bar.