Five Fabulous Focal Points To Add To Your Home's Kitchen

26 August 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Do something a little bit different in your kitchen décor with some fascinating and fabulous focal points. These simple accents don't require professional installation or remodeling, yet can change the mood and style of your home's kitchen in a flash.

Five fantastic features and focal points that will set your kitchen apart are:

Native American textiles.

Hang a great Indian textile on the wall of the kitchen for an eye-catching focal point that is a great way to incorporate some vibrant color in your space. Look for uniquely-patterned blankets or swaths of fabric that you can suspend with a dowel and string. Try to replicate the colors of your textile throughout the room, bringing deep blues, sunny yellows, rich reds, and warm browns to your kitchen.

A butter churn.

There is nothing more welcoming and rustic than an actual butter churn. These are often found at antique stores and second-hand stores in varying conditions, and even if they are in disrepair, these accents still make a warm statement for your kitchen. Place your churn in a spot where it will be noticed--near your fireplace, kitchen island, or a sunny window--and enjoy the country feeling that it brings to your home!

A rocking chair.

Another great focal point for your kitchen is a great rocking chair. Place this in a prominent spot, where you can visit with friends or family, read a cookbook, or even peel vegetables! These can be part of a cozy nook in your kitchen, where you find yourself spending much of your time, enjoying the sunlight or evening sunset.

A weaving loom.

If you are lucky enough to find one, a weaving loom is a great accent for the kitchen. These are interesting to look at, and will give your kitchen an instant jolt of warmth and rusticity, which works especially well in country-styled kitchens.

Antique toys.

Keep an eye out when visiting antique or consignment stores for unique old toys. These can be great features for your kitchen; for example, suspend an old trike or wagon from the beams on your ceiling. Consider lining a mantle or cupboard shelf with antique dolls, stuffed toys, or trinkets for another intriguing focal point that will garner attention from your guests and visitors.

Add a new and fascinating focal point to your home's kitchen with these accent ideas. Many of these things could be sitting in your garage or attic right now; dust them off and use them to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home's kitchen that won't be lost on visitors. Try these ideas and embrace the vintage vibe that these amazing accents offer. For more information or ideas, contact companies like Tara Design.