Four Weed Control Mistakes To Avoid

20 May 2016
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Unfortunately, a thriving and plush lawn sometimes comes along with weeds, but they are controllable. However, how well you are able to control your weeds has a lot to do with your weed control efforts. Here are just some of the control mistakes you want to avoid.

Weed Control Fabric

If you have weed control fabric in some areas, make sure you understand that it has an expiration date. The climate and how aggressive the weeds are growing in the space determine how long the fabric lasts. However, once it starts to get time for replacement, the fabric starts to deteriorate. Once this happens, it is no longer effective. Make it a habit to inspect the fabric at the start of each season to see if it's time for replacement.

Dirt Patches

If you have some areas where grass is no longer growing and it's simply a patch of dirt, don't ignore this area. Leaving these spaces open is nothing shy of an invitation for weeds to grow. An open patch of dirt is actually more attractive to weeds than a space covered with grass or flowers. If you don't want to plant grass in the space, you can plant a small flower or vegetable garden; just don't live the space bare.   

Weed Pulling

When pulling weeds, there is a wrong and a right way to go about this process. Certain weeds, including dandelions, have roots that extended deep into the soil, known as taproots. If you don't pull out the entire taproot, there is a chance that the weed can sprout right back up because new growths can generate from even a tiny remnant of taproot. Failing to pull correctly will only cause yourself more work, so make sure you are putting all the taproot out.


There isn't exactly anything wrong with weedwackers, but they definitely have their place when it comes to weed control. First, only use the weedwacker for the edge of your lawn or other spaces that might be a challenge to access. You should not be using the weedwacker as an alternative to pulling weeds. When you do this, you're only cutting off the top of the weed, but the root is still intact and thriving.

If your weeds are out of control, don't hesitate a landscaping professional. A landscaper can assess your weed issues and help formulate the best plan for your lawn's needs. Contact a company like Snyder's Weed Control for more info.