Not On The Couch! Two Great Home Remedies To Deodorize Your House Before Guests Arrive

25 April 2016
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Your pet just an accident in your living room again. While the mess is cleaned up, you can't seem to get rid of that puppy poop smell. What's worse is that you have company coming over for a party and you don't have time to go out and buy an air freshener from the store. Don't fret! Luckily for you, there are two home remedies that will remove the pet smell and leave your house smelling so fresh that your guests will wonder if you have gotten rid of your furry little friend. 

Vodka Spray

If you're about to have a party, chances are you have a bottle of vodka lurking somewhere in your cupboards. Vodka is an excellent way to dispel pet smells because it evaporates almost instantly and soaks up unappealing smells around the house.

In a regular spray bottle, mix in three cups of water, one cup of vodka and ten drops of any essential oil you have lying around the house. A citrus oil is usually the best to use for pet smells because the acid removes the bad smells without a problem while making your house smell fresh and inviting. Spray this mixture in the air and also six to ten inches away from furniture.

Brown Sugar And Orange Peels

Not everyone has vodka laying around their house. In this case, you can use a mixture of brown sugar and orange peels. The scent of the brown sugar is strong enough to mask the pet odor while the enzymes from the orange peels will break down the smell and eliminate it completely.

Pour three cups of hot water into a spray bottle. The water has to be hot or the brown sugar won't break down completely and will only get stuck in the nozzle. Add one-fourth cup of brown sugar. Next, grind up three to four orange peels in a blender and place those in the spray bottle. Screw on the cap to the spray bottle and shake very vigorously. Once all the contents are mixed completely, spray the concoction around your house, paying attention to the area where your pet made the mess. Be sure to spray your furniture and the common places that your pet likes to travel. You would be surprised how much stink can get caught in places around your house.

Pets are just like family members, but that doesn't make it any less upsetting when they make a mess in your home just minutes before guests are to arrive. Don't stress over having no time to run to the store. By using one of the recipes listed above you will be well on your way to a fresh and clean smelling house just in time for your guests to arrive. 

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