3 Tips For Cleaning Your Wood Flooring

29 March 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Wood flooring is an excellent option for your home because not only does it look incredibly elegant and timeless, but it is also quite durable and long-lasting. However, in order for you wood flooring to look it's best, you are going to need to clean it properly. No one likes the look of a dirty wood floor that is cover with dust, foot prints, and/or streaks from mopping. This article will discuss 3 great tips for cleaning your wood flooring.

Use A Dust Mop On It Daily

If you have a wood floor in your home, you will notice that dust gathers on it rather quickly. A great way to keep this dust at bay is to take a few minutes each day to dust your floors. For this you will need a simple dust mop that can be purchased at most stores that carry home cleaning supplies. You will want to run this dust mop around all of the edges and corners of your floor first to gather this dust, and then proceed to get the dust from the middle of the floors. Doing this will likely take you a few minutes, but will keep your floors looking so much cleaner and will make it much easier for you to mop them when the time comes. 

Spot Treat Before Mopping

While mopping your floors is an excellent way to get them clean, it sometimes doesn't allow you to get everything off of your floors. An excellent way to ensure that you get all of the dirt, spills, etc. off of your floor is to spot treat before you begin mopping. Walk around your entire floor with a wet wash cloth and look for any spots that are stuck on pretty good and will be hard to get up with a mop. Take a few minutes to clean each of these areas with your wash cloth, and it will make mopping a breeze for you. 

Invest In A Steam Mop

One big problem that people have when they are cleaning their wood floors is trying to figure out which mop isn't going to leave streaks on their floor and what floor cleaner isn't going to leave a film. This can be difficult to figure out depending on what type of wood you have, what finish you have, what direction your wood planks are going, etc. However, in order to avoid all of this headache, you should consider investing in a steam mop. A steam mop simply uses hot water and steam to clean your floors and dries very quickly after it touches your wood floor. As long as you go with the direction of your wood planks, you shouldn't have any streaks. Contact a business, such as the Flooring Gallery, for more information.