3 Small Landscaping Upgrades That Can Make A Large Difference In Your Yard

29 December 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If your yard looks like it could use a bit of organization but you don't want to put a lot of effort into your landscaping, there are a few options you can consider to make your space more inviting. Here are 3 small landscaping upgrades that can make a huge difference in your yard. 


Curbing along your front lawn and around your large trees can help streamline your landscape and give your yard a modern appeal. Curbing is a simple upgrade that can be done in a few days by a landscaper or a curbing expert. If you don't want to do traditional cement curbing, consider having your landscaper bring in decorative gravel rock to line your yard with instead to create a similar, organized appeal.

Retaining wall

A retaining wall is an excellent way to break up a large, open landscape without having to plant shrubbery or trees to fill the space in. A retaining wall can be made of classic brick or decorative pavers. The back end of a retaining wall is often filled in with dirt and then covered in grass to allow the structure to blend with the rest of your yard. If you'd like, you can adorn the front of a retaining wall with garden lights to illuminate your yard at night and make your landscape more inviting.

You can make your retaining wall more noticeable by planing colorful blooms above the wall's structure, such as rose bushes, snap dragons, or even daisies for added effect. A retaining wall with blooming flowers can make your large yard appear more welcoming and less plain.

Climbing vines

Cheeky climbing vines, including morning glory, Virginia creeper, and even grape vines, can be beautiful accessories to your fence line. Climbing vines are not only aesthetically pleasing in your yard and offer whimsical appeal, they also provide privacy through chain link and help make your property line more distinct. Consider placing climbing vines along your front fence so they can be seen as part of your home's curb appeal.

If you want your yard to look more inviting and long to make a change, you don't need to make huge upgrades in order to make the area more modern. If you add curbing, climbing vines along your fences, or even a retaining wall, you can make your yard appear more organized, colorful, and welcoming. These small changes are a great way to give you the landscape you've always wanted without a lot of work.