Clean A Water Well's Submersible Pump

28 September 2015
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If there isn't a steady flow of water coming out of the faucets in your home, your well's submersible water pump may require cleaning. If foreign materials block portions of the pump, water can not flow through it properly. Learn how to remove and clean this vital part with the following steps. Once debris has been eliminated, you will have access to water in your home whenever it is needed.


  • flashlight
  • socket wrench
  • socket set
  • vinegar
  • water hose
  • bucket
  • wire brush
  • tube brush
  • mild detergent
  • sponge

Remove The Water Pump And Soak It

Turn off the electrical supply to the water pump so that you aren't accidentally shocked while completing the cleaning steps. Remove the well's cover and look down into the tank to locate the water pump. It should be next to one of the interior walls. Use a flashlight if you are having trouble spotting it. Use a socket wrench to loosen and remove the hardware that is holding the pump in place.

Pull the pump out of the well. Flip the pump over and slide the filter screen from the bottom of it. Place the pump and filter in a bucket of water. Add a cup or two of vinegar to the water to help loosen debris from the pump and filter. Wait several minutes for the parts to soak.

Eliminate Debris

Pull the pump and filter out of the water. Set the filter aside as you clean the pump. Use a wire brush to remove dirt and debris from the pump's exterior. A tube brush can be used to clean small crevices if the wire brush does not successfully eliminate buildup from the pump. Wipe the pump's surface off with a soapy sponge when finished. Rinse the pump and the filter off with a water hose. Reattach the filter.

Reattach The Pump

Line up the pump inside the well and reattach the hardware with a socket wrench. Turn the power supply back on. Check the faucets in your home to make sure that a steady stream of water is coming out of each of them.

Minimize cleaning steps in the future by setting up a time to have the inside of the well cleaned each year by a professional company like Stettler Supply Co. Make sure that the well is always covered to minimize the chance of grass clippings, leaves, or dirt from getting inside of the tank. These steps will keep the water pump clean and will prevent it from becoming damaged.