Four Tips To Help You Design Your Outdoor Kitchen Space

28 May 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you want to have an outdoor living space for your home, adding an outdoor kitchen can be a great investment. There are many details to consider, and it will need to be able to withstand outdoor conditions. This is why you may want to use different materials for an outdoor kitchen, and even consider things like enclosures to protect this space when needed. If you want to add an outdoor kitchen to your home, here are some things that can help you with your project:

1. Creating A Covered Area For Kitchen Space

You may want to have a covered area for your outdoor kitchen. This can be a roof system that just covers that kitchen and appliances, or you may want to have an entire outdoor patio cover for the kitchen area and sitting space. Covering the entire area will be more costly, but will give you the benefit of being able to add accessories like enclosures to the area.

2. Glass And Screen Enclosure Systems For Appliances

Adding an enclosure to your outdoor kitchen space will allow you to be able to use your extra kitchen space during all seasons. It is a great way to add space to your home and to protect your kitchen area. This can be done with glass or screen enclosures that can allow you to open and close this space when you need to.

3. Adding A Barbeque Area To Your Outdoor Kitchen Space

You may also want to add a barbeque area to your outdoor space. This can be done in the kitchen area with a gas unit and exhaust if it is under roof space. If you want to have a real wood barbeque, you may want to have it placed outside of the kitchen but still in close proximity to your kitchen space. You can also have a masonry barbeque and fireplace built with a chimney to have it under roof space, but this can be more costly.

4. Choosing Durable Materials For The Design Of Your Outdoor Kitchen

It is also important to choose durable materials for your outdoor kitchen. You may want to choose composite materials for things like cabinets if the space is going to be exposed to the elements. Counter tops that are made of stone or stainless steel can also be a great choice for materials in your outdoor kitchen design. If you need help with designing cabinets and counter space, contact a granite professional counter top service like Alma Granite to get help designing your durable outdoor kitchen.