Your Questions About Scented Candles: Answered

14 April 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Soothing and pleasant scents have the power to help people relax, and they can make your home a more comfortable and welcoming place. To this end, scented candles can be an excellent option for those wanting to improve the way their home smells. However, scented candles can be deceivingly complex when you are shopping for them, and you may have a couple of questions that you need answered before you make your decision on which candles to purchase. 

Do You Have To Burn Candles To Enjoy The Scent?

There are few things that can more effectively fill a room with an aroma than a scented candle, but there are many people that may be concerned about the fire hazard presented by a lit candle. This is particularly true for those with small children or pets that could knock it over. Fortunately, you may not have to actually light the candle to enjoy the benefits of a home that smells wonderful. 

There are electric candles that rely on a small heater to warm the base of the candle enough to cause the scents to start spreading. These heaters are not designed to get hot enough to cause injury, and this may make them the perfect option for those with safety concerns. 

Can Individuals With Allergies Use Scented Candles?

A particularly common idea is that individuals with allergies can never use scented candles. This belief stems from the idea that the chemicals used to give these candles their scents can cause allergy attacks in individuals. While this may be true for some scented candles, it is not a universal truth. 

Some manufacturers appreciate the challenges that individuals with allergies face, and as a result, they are more likely to offer allergen free-scented candles. By avoiding the use of chemicals that are known allergens, these companies can help everyone enjoy the benefits of scented candles. However, if your allergy is particularly rare or severe, you should verify that the candles are free of substances that can cause issues for you before making the final purchase. 

If you are wanting to improve the way that your home smells, purchasing scented candles for sale online may be the perfect solution for you. Yet, these common devices are often misunderstood by many people, but you can help avoid the problems that this may cause by learning the answers to common scented candle questions. In particular, knowing that it is not necessary to have a burning candle in your home and that allergen-free candles are available from many manufacturers can help you make the best decision for your needs when it comes to these candles.