Alternative Dining Areas For Smaller Spaces

28 January 2015
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If you don't actually have a dining room in your home, this doesn't mean that you can't set up space to have meals in style. Get creative with your space and furniture options to turn other areas of your home into makeshift dining rooms. Here are five dining room alternatives for your home.

1. Convertible Kitchen Nook

If there is space in your kitchen for a small table, then you can use this as a dining area. A collapsible table can work well and save space. This can be folded up while meals are prepared and then extend into the kitchen during mealtime.

2. Utilize Counter Space

If you have an island or open counter that looks into the living area, this can be used for dining with a few tweaks. Extend your counter out for legroom with a new butcher block countertop that can double as a table. Bring in stools or tall chairs to instantly turn a counter into a dining space, with seating on both sides. Removal of low hanging cabinets can open up a tight space for entertaining.

3. Bring Dining to the Couch

A new spin on eating in front of the TV, have friends gather around a coffee table functioning as a dining room table. Make sure to look for a large, low table that people can fit around. Bring in some ottomans or beanbag chairs to complete your dining space.

4. Living Room Takeover

A large, narrow table can serve as a dining area by night and part of the living by day. Kept next to the wall or against the back of the couch, a table can be easily thrown into the mix for everyday living. When it is time to eat, move the table out and your dining room is ready to go. Benches that can be stored underneath when not in use will keep seating out of the way.

5. Maximize Patio Space

If you have a balcony or patio, then you have a dining area. Invest in a weather resistant table and chairs, and in summer months you can bring out cushions and candles to add to your outside dining area. A good path to the kitchen will help with dishes and serving, or take advantage of being outdoors and BBQ.

If you live in a smaller space, make sure to maximize its potential with the right dining room furniture and set up. Living in cramped quarters with little dining room furniture doesn't mean you can't entertain or have dinner parties. A little bit of thought and rearrangement can turn any space into a dining area.