Reinventing The Old Ideas Of Residential Patio Design

21 January 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


For many years the patio of the home has been an extension of inner living areas where homeowners could enjoy rest and relaxation right at their backdoor. Here you can enjoy backyard grilling, stretching out in a favorite lounger, or even an afternoon with friends and family members in the sun. As popular as the patio is and as functional as it may be, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few of the modern ideas surrounding patio implementation that you may be interested in utilizing in your own home design.

Patio Disconnection

Who says a functional patio has to be situated directly at the back door? Taking the patio a few steps beyond the normal is becoming quite the popular idea in modern home designs. Patio covers installed by professionals provide the flexibility that allows for a free-standing patio cover to be situated in seamlessly with the rest of your landscape without a lot of extra hassle. With the patio being located further away from the house, grilling, a firepit, and even an outdoor fireplace are a possibility without any concern of smoke entering the home or staining the exterior materials of the house.

Many homeowners choose to disconnect their patio from the home instead of installing a gazebo. Patio covers can be installed in less than a day, give homeowners the ability to be in control of sun and shade, and can easily be placed over a hot tub or poolside.

A-Frame Adjustable Patio Cover

If you think that the only patio cover you have to choose from is flat and traditional, you should definitely take a second look. A popular way to enhance a small patio space these days involves the addition of an attractive patio cover that adds more dimension to the exterior design of the home. An A-frame cover integrates perfectly with just about any exterior home design and still boasts the flexibility to offer features, such as adjustable slats on the roof to allow in more sunlight when you need it. These angled roofs give not just more dimension, but height to areas where rising heat may be a concern due to grilling or an open fire.

The installation of the right patio features can not only raise the value of your home, but make it more enjoyable for you and your family as well. Be sure you take some time to consider new patio designs and ideas that are available.