Three Important Things Not To Overlook For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

8 January 2015
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Since remodeling a bathroom can be a long, expensive, and difficult process, it's important to get everything you can right the first time. But in the excitement of preparing for a remodeling project, it's easy to overlook the less glamorous aspects. To prevent unforeseen maintenance issues that will undo all your hard work, pay special attention to these three things that will be affected by your bathroom remodel.

Water Heater

Whether you want a larger bathtub or sink, most bathroom remodeling projects include something that will place additional strain on your water heater. Since most water heaters are only designed to service what your home was originally built for, you'll frequently suffer from intermittent cold spells while taking a shower if you don't get a new one.

If local building codes prevent you from having a water heater bigger than the one you've currently got, you can buy a small tank-less water heater that will cover all the hot water needs in your new bathroom. Powered by electricity, tank-less water heaters are usually stored next to the pipes under a bathroom's sink.

Ventilation Fan And Duct

If your remodeling project involves increasing the size of your bathroom by a significant amount, your current ventilation fan and duct may be rendered inadequate. Most bathroom ventilation fans aren't powerful enough to remove excess humidity from a room larger than what they're initially installed for.

As long as you're paying for a new fan, you might as well also move your ventilation duct so that it'll be in the very center of the new bathroom's ceiling. While a duct nearer to the edge of your bathroom will still be perfectly adequate, it'll take significantly longer to clear the room of humidity.


Since most people notice the floor and walls of a room before the ceiling, it's easy to not prioritize making your ceiling look good. But a bad or mediocre ceiling will contrast much more sharply with shiny new linoleum or limestone tiles.

First, decide whether you want to keep your bathroom ceiling the same height or raise it a small amount. Then, consider all the various options out there like sunroofs and exposed wooden beams that you can use to liven up your bathroom.

Once you've invested enough time and money into a proper bathroom remodel, the room will become drastically more aesthetically appealing and functional. You just have to make sure that you're covering all your bases well before you start the project in earnest.