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3 Tips to Keep Your Home’s Hot Water Tank in Good Condition

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Hot water is something that many families might not think much about until it’s gone. Your home’s hot water tank or heater is a necessity that allows you to do everything from wake up with a warm shower to keep your dishes clean. If you want to increase your hot water tank’s longevity, you will want to perform regular maintenance on it. Here are a few maintenance tips for hot water tanks that will hopefully keep your unit running efficiently for a long time to come. Periodically Test the T & P Valve The T & P valve on your hot water tank stands for temperature and pressure relief valve. This valve is critical to the ongoing operation and safety of your water tank. This will function on its own during normal use, but you can conduct your own test to make sure everything is going as it should. The T &P valve is the only pipe sticking out of your water tank with a small lever on it. Pull up on the lever part way and then let go. The valve should snap back into place, but you will be able to hear some water gurgling as it moves into the drainage tube. If this gurgling sound starts to sound more faint, it could mean you have a drainage problem developing.  Flush the Water through the Bottom Valve Ideally, you want to give your tank a full flush in order to remove sediment buildup. But a full flush will also require turning off the water heater, which may not be ideal. Instead, you can do a mini flush and remove the water at the bottom of the tank. Look for the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. It usually has a handle or a spot where a screwdriver can be inserted. Place a large bucket under the valve and pull the handle or turn the valve with a screwdriver. The valve will release a few gallons of water into the bucket and will hopefully remove a good portion of the sediment that was building up towards the bottom of the tank. Don’t forget to turn the valve off firmly once the bucket is close to full. Get Professional Help While a mini flush can help, it is best to get your hot water tank professionally serviced at least once a year. This will involve turning the heater off completely and thoroughly removing and replenishing all water in the tank. This will allow you or the professional you hire an opportunity to fully scrub and clean all sediment inside the tank and is much more effective at giving you a clean start than simply flushing through the valve. A hot water tank specialist can also check other working parts of the tank, such as the pressure valves or the pilot light, to make sure everything will stay in good working order until your next maintenance appointment. If you want to keep your hot water tank in good shape, you should periodically check the temperature and pressure relief valve and also do a mini flush through the tank’s lower valve. But for best results, contact a local HVAC or hot water tank specialist for a full cleaning and maintenance...

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Clean A Water Well’s Submersible Pump

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If there isn’t a steady flow of water coming out of the faucets in your home, your well’s submersible water pump may require cleaning. If foreign materials block portions of the pump, water can not flow through it properly. Learn how to remove and clean this vital part with the following steps. Once debris has been eliminated, you will have access to water in your home whenever it is needed. Materials flashlight socket wrench socket set vinegar water hose bucket wire brush tube brush mild detergent sponge Remove The Water Pump And Soak It Turn off the electrical supply to the water pump so that you aren’t accidentally shocked while completing the cleaning steps. Remove the well’s cover and look down into the tank to locate the water pump. It should be next to one of the interior walls. Use a flashlight if you are having trouble spotting it. Use a socket wrench to loosen and remove the hardware that is holding the pump in place. Pull the pump out of the well. Flip the pump over and slide the filter screen from the bottom of it. Place the pump and filter in a bucket of water. Add a cup or two of vinegar to the water to help loosen debris from the pump and filter. Wait several minutes for the parts to soak. Eliminate Debris Pull the pump and filter out of the water. Set the filter aside as you clean the pump. Use a wire brush to remove dirt and debris from the pump’s exterior. A tube brush can be used to clean small crevices if the wire brush does not successfully eliminate buildup from the pump. Wipe the pump’s surface off with a soapy sponge when finished. Rinse the pump and the filter off with a water hose. Reattach the filter. Reattach The Pump Line up the pump inside the well and reattach the hardware with a socket wrench. Turn the power supply back on. Check the faucets in your home to make sure that a steady stream of water is coming out of each of them. Minimize cleaning steps in the future by setting up a time to have the inside of the well cleaned each year by a professional company like Stettler Supply Co. Make sure that the well is always covered to minimize the chance of grass clippings, leaves, or dirt from getting inside of the tank. These steps will keep the water pump clean and will prevent it from becoming...

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The Beginner Survivalist’s Guide To Storing Food And Water In Public Storage

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Survival planning is becoming even more talked about and incorporated into life by individuals across the country than it has ever been before. Even if you feel like you should get in on the survival planning and storage action, you may not have a lot of space to work with at home. If this is your situation, you should know that not all survivalists store their cache of supplies at home, especially when it comes to excess food and water. Taking advantage of public storage units is a good way to make sure you have access to the food and water you and your family would need to get by in the event if a disaster.   What types of food can be stored in a public storage facility? Every storage facility will have its own set of guidelines when it comes to storing food and water in their units. Some companies have mini units available that are designated solely for food and water storage, and these units are typically climate controlled. However, some companies will not allow any food products to be stored on the premises, regardless of its form or what unit you choose. Therefore, it is always best to ask about restrictions before choosing a specific location.  Is there a preferred way that you should store a water supply? There has been a lot of discussion about storing water in plastic containers in the recent years, because it has been suggested that some plastics release high levels of cancer-causing agents when exposed to extreme temperatures. Therefore, it is a good idea to store your water in either BPA-free plastic containers or glass if you have it available.  Is it necessary to have a storage unit with climate control? It is not absolutely necessary that you rent a storage unit with climate control to store your cache of food and water, but this definitely can be a good idea. Even though dehydrated, shelf-stable foods can last for years, humidity and drastic temperature changes can compromise shelf stability in the long term. Plus, if you do have water stored in glass or plastic containers, freezing can create the potential for the containers to bust as ice expands. Canned goods are even best kept at a temperature between 50 and 75 degrees. Therefore, climate control can be a good idea for food and water storage and is readily available in both mini storage units and those of average size. .  Keeping a ready cache of supplies on hand, especially food and water, can be one of the most intelligent things you do as a survivalist. If you would like to get started building your own cache of food and water in a storage unit, talk to a facility manager with any additional questions you have.  Visit a website like to learn...

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Four Ways To Chill Out Until Your Air Conditioner Gets Fixed

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The summer heat might be starting to cool off, but this weather change is no comfort to you if your home’s air conditioning is broken. The best solution for avoiding your home being hot and sticky is to contact an air conditioning repair company. Having a licensed and experienced technician visit your home to diagnose your problem and fix it will have you enjoying the cool once again. In the meantime, you’ll have to make a few simple adjustments to how you live your life to help you beat the heat. Here are four worthwhile changes to adopt. Eat Light Meals While you might inherently be tempted to avoid hot, spicy meals when you’re trying to stay cool, it’s also important to skip foods that are heavy. Heavy foods such as complex carbohydrates make your body work harder to break down, which can elevate your body temperature slightly. Avoid complex carbs such as whole grains, rice, pasta and potatoes. Instead, light salads and fresh fruit provide your body with vital nutrients and hydration and are easy to digest. Limit Your Use Of Lights Incandescent light bulbs generate a significant amount of heat and can raise a room’s temperature over the course of several hours. Wherever possible, avoid turning on more lights than you have to or switch your incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs, which don’t generate the same amount of heat. If you have a multi-light fixture such as a stretch of track lighting, even removing one or two bulbs from the fixture can provide light without excessive heat. Turn Your Fan Into An A/C Unit A standard fan provides some relief from the heat, but you can boost this item’s appeal with a simple change. Soak a towel in ice-cold water or fill a shallow pan with ice cubes and cold water and place either item in front of the fan. As the fan pushes the air through the towel or over the shallow pan, the air will cool and provide more refreshment when it hits your body. You’ll have to re-soak the towel and refill the pan over time, as they’ll eventually come up to room temperature. Find The Coolest Room Basements and insulated garages are typically cooler than the rest of your home. Don’t be afraid to change up your habits by sleeping on the pull-out couch in your basement or spending time hanging out in the garage. Rooms with tile floors are also ideal to seek out, given that the floor is several degrees cooler than the...

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The Professional Garage Door Maintenance Visit | A Homeowner’s Guide

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If you want to get the longest life from your garage door, it is no big secret that regular maintenance from a professional technician is the way to go. You can tackle some of the do-it-yourself maintenance tips on your own, but a professional with expertise in the field will be much more likely to catch problems before they start. If you have made an appointment with a professional, you may have a few questions about what to expect. Here are a few of those most common questions homeowners tend to have about the professional garage door maintenance visit.  How much will you be charged for a maintenance visit for your garage door? There are several factors that can influence the final bill of the visit from a technician, including the time of year you make an appointment and whether any repairs have to be made to your door during the visit. However, generally speaking, you should expect the technician to charge you between $80 and $100 for an inspection, which is a low price to pay to extend the life of your garage door.  What will the maintenance visit include? When the professional comes to your home, they will have a checklist of components and aspects of the garage door that they will check for wear and damage. The torsion springs, door guides, and even the opener are a few examples of things that will be inspected. The technician will then do somewhat of a maintenance tune-up on the door by tightening cables that may have loosened, tightening loose hardware, and lubricating moving parts. If you have your door checked prior to the winter, the technician may thoroughly clean the door guides and check out the rubber seals to make sure they are not damaged as well.  How often should you have your garage door serviced? There is no set time frame when you should have an inspector come out to do a maintenance check, but it is always a good idea to try and get someone to your home about once a year. The time of year you make an appointment is up to you; however, a lot of homeowners like to have a service check before the weather gets cold.  The bottom line is, keeping your garage door maintained properly can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you would like to know more about what to expect during a garage door maintenance visit, talk to a garage door repair company like Overhead Door Co. of Everett...

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4 Steps To Get The Most From Your Patio Or Deck

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After a long winter, the thought of getting outside and enjoying some warm weather and bright sunshine is exciting indeed. You can’t wait to get out the lounge chairs and patio tables and start entertaining. Of course, that winter season may have been as hard on your patio as it was on you. Here are a few tips for getting your patio or deck in tip-top shape and ready for whatever plans come your way. Step 1: Cleaning Before you even get out the chaise, give your patio or decking a good cleaning. A power washer is great for this, but may not be necessary. Get a nice stiff bristled push broom, some soapy water and a hose, and you’re good to go. Give it a good scrubbing, rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before doing any work on it or putting out your furniture. Step 2: Maintenance After it’s all cleaned up, it’s time to make sure it’s safe and ready to use. If you have a wood deck, inspect each floorboard and railing for loose nails or rot. These can lead to accidents and injuries. Repair or replace anything that won’t stand up to your expected use. Rough wood is another consideration as this can be painful to walk on in bare feet and even cause splinters. One way to correct this is with textured paint that can cover these flaws and give you a smooth finish. They’re also a great way to add some color to your outdoor space. For brick or concrete, look for cracks or settling and uneven pavement that could be a tripping hazard. A little patchwork and leveling now will save you time and money later if the problem gets worse. Step 3: Check Out The Accessories Once your foundation is ready to go, take some time to inspect your patio furniture and other accessories. Worn cushions can be uncomfortable and wobbly legs and feet can be dangerous. If you have a patio cover, inspect it for worn spots or tears. These could interfere with the mechanics that open and close it safely. If it’s motorized, make sure the mechanism is clean and working properly with no worn wires or missing pieces. Lubricating all the moving parts according to the manufacturer’s directions will help you operate it easily and smoothly all summer long. If you find your patio cover has been damaged during the winter months, contact a professional business, like Allied Awning, to replace it with a more durable, permanent cover. Step 4: Enjoy! Once you’ve gotten the cleaning and maintenance out of the way and your patio furniture placed just where you want it, it’s time to kick back, put your feet up, grab an ice cold drink and enjoy the fruits of your...

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Really Useful Tips For Buying New Living Room Furniture

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Your living room should be a space that welcomes people in and says, “Hey, come sit down and relax.” However, if your living room furniture is old, outdated, and disheveled, sitting down and relaxing may be the last thing that you—or anyone else—wants to do. Instead of avoiding your living room like the plague, maybe it’s time you think about getting some new furniture. It may surprise you how much new furniture can completely transform a space. If it’s been a long time since you have shopped for new living room furniture, here are some tips that can help you find furnishings that you and your loved ones will adore. Ask for Input Ask the members of your family and anyone who spends a lot of time in your home for their input. What type of furniture do they think would look good in the space? What type of couches would they find the most comfortable? What furnishings will improve the function of the space? The input of your family and close friends can help you choose items that everyone will enjoy. Measure Take measurements of your living room. Knowing the dimensions of the floor plan as well as the windows, the walls, shelving units, pictures that hang on your walls (and will remain), and the fireplace (if you have one) will be extremely useful when selecting the shape and size of your new furniture. Snap Photos If there are items that you are going to keep in the room, snap pictures of them and take them with you when you go shopping. Taking pictures of the spaces where you plan on placing the furniture is also a good idea. Doing so will help you choose items that will coordinate with the furniture that will remain in the space and will help you remember exactly where doorways, windows and any other items are located and will impact the size of the furniture that will work in your living room. Ask for Help Ask family members and those who shared their input to go shopping with you. Not only will having company make the shopping experience more fun, but taking the people who have a vested interest in the project with you while you shop can make the trip more successful. Test It Of course, you’re going to sit on couches and chairs that you are interested in, but you should do more than just sit. Really give the furniture a try. Lay on it. Lounge for a while. Giving it a good trial run will give you an idea of how the furniture will actually work in your living room. With these tips, you can find new living room furniture that you and anyone else who uses your living room will love. Consider searching the term “top furniture stores yorba linda ca” in your Internet browser to start your search for the perfect...

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Four Tips To Help You Design Your Outdoor Kitchen Space

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If you want to have an outdoor living space for your home, adding an outdoor kitchen can be a great investment. There are many details to consider, and it will need to be able to withstand outdoor conditions. This is why you may want to use different materials for an outdoor kitchen, and even consider things like enclosures to protect this space when needed. If you want to add an outdoor kitchen to your home, here are some things that can help you with your project: 1. Creating A Covered Area For Kitchen Space You may want to have a covered area for your outdoor kitchen. This can be a roof system that just covers that kitchen and appliances, or you may want to have an entire outdoor patio cover for the kitchen area and sitting space. Covering the entire area will be more costly, but will give you the benefit of being able to add accessories like enclosures to the area. 2. Glass And Screen Enclosure Systems For Appliances Adding an enclosure to your outdoor kitchen space will allow you to be able to use your extra kitchen space during all seasons. It is a great way to add space to your home and to protect your kitchen area. This can be done with glass or screen enclosures that can allow you to open and close this space when you need to. 3. Adding A Barbeque Area To Your Outdoor Kitchen Space You may also want to add a barbeque area to your outdoor space. This can be done in the kitchen area with a gas unit and exhaust if it is under roof space. If you want to have a real wood barbeque, you may want to have it placed outside of the kitchen but still in close proximity to your kitchen space. You can also have a masonry barbeque and fireplace built with a chimney to have it under roof space, but this can be more costly. 4. Choosing Durable Materials For The Design Of Your Outdoor Kitchen It is also important to choose durable materials for your outdoor kitchen. You may want to choose composite materials for things like cabinets if the space is going to be exposed to the elements. Counter tops that are made of stone or stainless steel can also be a great choice for materials in your outdoor kitchen design. If you need help with designing cabinets and counter space, contact a granite professional counter top service like Alma Granite to get help designing your durable outdoor...

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4 Types Of Patio Furniture And Their Benefits

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Patio furniture is more than just a few plastic chairs tossed out in the backyard under a big umbrella. Your furniture can help to complement your exterior and also lead to hours of enjoyment for you and your family. There are many different types of patio furniture from which to choose. Here are some of your options and the benefits of each. Cast Aluminum Cast aluminum patio furniture is more than just the lightweight aluminum furniture you have probably seen before. It is aluminum that has been poured into a molding composed of sand or steel. The end result is furniture that is a lot more durable and easier to detail. It is also resistant to corrosion. If you live in an area in which there is a lot of wind or rain, it is ideal.  Wrought Iron Wrought iron furniture is possibly the most durable type of patio furniture in existence. It is heavy and easy to maintain. It can be susceptible to corrosion, but you can usually spruce up the furniture again with some light scrubbing and a can of spray paint. You can also opt for wrought iron that has been coated to avoid the corrosion altogether.  Wrought iron furniture is a great choice if you need furniture that is going to last a long time. However, if you plan to place the furniture near or in standing water, it might be best to choose another type of furniture.  Wood Wooden furniture, such as teak, can add to the natural beauty outside your home. Depending on the wood that you choose, it can be highly durable and last for years. Regardless of the finish though, the wood can start to fade over time. This usually does not impact the overall quality of the wood, but can take away from some of its beauty.  There is maintenance required with wooden patio furniture, but it is usually nothing more than cleaning it and retouching the finish.  Plastic Plastic patio furniture is always an option for your backyard. It does not have to be cheap pieces of furniture though. Recycled plastics are environmentally friendly and highly durable. If you have children or lots of visitors to your backyard, it could be the best option. The best part of having plastic furniture is that you can clean it with a simple rinse from your garden hose.  There are other considerations to be made when selecting patio furniture, such as the types of cushions to use. Carefully consider your needs and environment and make the choice that is best for you. To learn more about patio furniture, contact a business like Casual Living & Patio...

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Your Questions About Scented Candles: Answered

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Soothing and pleasant scents have the power to help people relax, and they can make your home a more comfortable and welcoming place. To this end, scented candles can be an excellent option for those wanting to improve the way their home smells. However, scented candles can be deceivingly complex when you are shopping for them, and you may have a couple of questions that you need answered before you make your decision on which candles to purchase.  Do You Have To Burn Candles To Enjoy The Scent? There are few things that can more effectively fill a room with an aroma than a scented candle, but there are many people that may be concerned about the fire hazard presented by a lit candle. This is particularly true for those with small children or pets that could knock it over. Fortunately, you may not have to actually light the candle to enjoy the benefits of a home that smells wonderful.  There are electric candles that rely on a small heater to warm the base of the candle enough to cause the scents to start spreading. These heaters are not designed to get hot enough to cause injury, and this may make them the perfect option for those with safety concerns.  Can Individuals With Allergies Use Scented Candles? A particularly common idea is that individuals with allergies can never use scented candles. This belief stems from the idea that the chemicals used to give these candles their scents can cause allergy attacks in individuals. While this may be true for some scented candles, it is not a universal truth.  Some manufacturers appreciate the challenges that individuals with allergies face, and as a result, they are more likely to offer allergen free-scented candles. By avoiding the use of chemicals that are known allergens, these companies can help everyone enjoy the benefits of scented candles. However, if your allergy is particularly rare or severe, you should verify that the candles are free of substances that can cause issues for you before making the final purchase.  If you are wanting to improve the way that your home smells, purchasing scented candles for sale online may be the perfect solution for you. Yet, these common devices are often misunderstood by many people, but you can help avoid the problems that this may cause by learning the answers to common scented candle questions. In particular, knowing that it is not necessary to have a burning candle in your home and that allergen-free candles are available from many manufacturers can help you make the best decision for your needs when it comes to these...

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