Use Kitchen Leftovers to Improve Your Garden

Four Easy Ways To Make Your Patio And Backyard More Attractive

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If your backyard and patio are bland, there are many things you can do to solve this problem that are easy to do. The following are a few ideas to make this outdoor area of your home more eye catching and enjoyable. Add an awning to your patio Having a cover for your patio keeps the sun and rain off of you and your guests, so this adds a new element to entertaining company. This alone makes your patio more attractive. You don’t need to invest in a major construction project, nor do you need to enclose the patio. A simple awning will do the trick. They are easy to install, and if you need someone to do it for you, a handyman can do this type of work. Add a bird feeder to your yard Your yard will become popular with birds from all over the neighborhood, and you will find yourself spending time watching these visitors to your yard. Exactly which species of birds that come to feed will depend upon the type of feed you use. There are different mixes available. It is recommended that you buy these commercial feeds, and avoid table scraps as they are likely to attract animals other than birds. For the same reason, you will want to use a commercial bird feeder. They are specifically designed to only feed birds. A small herb garden The beautiful thing about growing herbs is that many of them can be grown in a simple clay pot. This means you can grow several different herbs at once. These herbs can be used in your cooking. The key to making these plants attractive is the method you use to organize an herb garden. You can simply place the pots on a cart with wheels, or if your patio has a roof, you can plant them in baskets and hang them around the perimeter of your patio. Herbs make people curious, so they can be a good conversation piece as well as delicious in meals. Aluminum rain chains Aluminum rain chains are easy to install and very attractive. Simply put, they are installed on your rain gutter system and become a part of your downspout portion of your rain gutters. The water pours through chains and is visually attractive and produces a sound like a small waterfall when it rains. They are also available with metal cups, linked within the chain, that creates a light chime sound. These are only four things you can do to start making your patio and backyard more attractive. There are many things you can do that are easy; you are only limited by your...

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3 Creative Ways To Use Your Old Mini Blinds

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Updating the blinds in your home can be a great way to add style and elegance to your living space. If you aren’t sure that you want to toss out your old mini blinds after completing a window upgrade, you can recycle these old decor items by finding creative ways to give them a new purpose. Here are three creative things that you can do with old mini blinds in the future. 1. Use a plastic slat as a guide to help you draw straight lines. If you enjoy refinishing furniture, you know how challenging it can be to create a straight line along the curved surfaces that many furniture items feature. When you are adding stripes or other decorative elements to your furnishings, a slat from your old mini blinds could serve as an invaluable tool for helping you draw straight lines along a curved surface. Since the plastic slat is flexible, it can easily follow the curve of the furniture piece. This gives you a straight edge to trace along to create crisp, clean lines as you refinish your furniture in the future. 2. Use sections of your old mini blinds to create garden markers. Labeling the plants and flowers in your garden can be beneficial when it comes to using these plants in the future. If you want to ensure that you are able to tell your rosemary apart from your dill with nothing more than a quick glance, you should use your old mini blinds to make some garden markers. Cutting a plastic slat from your mini blinds into small sections, painting each section with chalkboard paint, then writing the name of each plant in your garden on the small section will create reusable garden markers that can help you keep your garden more organized. 3. Transform your old mini blinds into a starburst mirror. Purchasing decorative elements for your home can be costly, so finding ways to turn your old mini blinds into items that you can hang on the walls of your home can be beneficial. Removing all of the strings from an old set of mini blinds and then cutting the plastic slats to varying lengths will give you the raw materials needed to create a starburst mirror. Simply arrange the slats in an aesthetically pleasing starburst pattern, then glue one end of each slat to the backside of a cheap circular mirror from the craft store. The end result will be a decorative mirror that will enhance the beauty of your home. Finding creative ways to use old mini blinds is simple if you are willing to try to incorporate your old blinds into your daily life in unique and unexpected...

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Short On Janitors During Flu Season? Options That Can Help

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Flu season knocks the wind out of your sails. When you are in charge of a building where many people work, such as a public school, flu can run amok and make several employees, teachers, kids, and other staff members sick all at once. While you would not want anyone to get sick with the flu, you definitely do not want your janitors to get sick at all. Your janitors help keep the school clean and free of many of the germs that could make everyone else sick. If you find yourself short on janitors during the flu season (and it definitely could happen!), here are a few options to help keep things running as smoothly, cleanly, and germ-free as possible when your own staff can’t finish. Janitorial Service A private janitorial service can do something your own janitors cannot. They can always send another janitor or team of janitors in to temporarily replace your janitors who are out with the flu. Temporary janitors report for duty when you need them and only continue to work the jobs you have for them while your own janitors are out. The temporary janitors also fill in for open janitorial positions in the event that your own janitors quit. Temp to Hire Cleaning Services Temp to hire cleaning services are slightly different from the janitorial service above. In this case, you are still working with temporary janitorial help to help get you through the flu season, but you also have one or more open janitorial positions you need to fill. You can work with a temp agency on a “temp to hire” contract. That means you can contract a temp janitor and then after a period of time, purchase the janitor’s contract from the temp agency to hire him/her permanently. One-Time Cleaning Services One-time cleaning services are cleaners, maids, and janitors that come in to finish a day’s work when your own janitors have gone home early for the day due to the flu (or other illness). They can either finish the work left behind on a partial day or do all of the cleaning tasks your own janitors would do in a single day if your janitors called in sick in the morning and did not come into work. You cannot hire these people outside of their company’s working hours to work unless you have previously arranged it with the cleaning...

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Consider These Features To Turn Your Home Theater Into A One-Of-A-Kind Creation

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It’s exciting to move into a home that is equipped with a home theater room, but perhaps even more thrilling to take the plunge and have a room in your home converted into a home theater. This scenario is ideal because you aren’t bound by what already exists; when you hire a contractor for the job, he or she can execute your vision, regardless of how specific it is. When you’re in the early stages of thinking about a home theater, it’s useful to devote some time to brainstorming. This will allow you to think about all of the desirable features you want in the space, beyond the mainstays of a projector and screen and a stellar sound system. Here are some ideas. Sky-Like Ceiling Whether you loved the idea of drive-in movies when you were a kid or you just want to create a stunning ambiance for your home theater, talk to your contractor about ceiling that depicts the night sky. There are many ways to build this type of ceiling, but a common method is to install a black drop ceiling with a series of small holes, and then have LED lights suspended above the ceiling. The bright lights will shine through the holes and give you and your guests the feeling of watching your movie under the stars. Theater-Style Wall Sconces The lights from the ceiling won’t be enough to illuminate the space when you’re not actively screening a movie, so think about other lighting solutions. A series of wall sconces down the sides of the room can pay homage to the lighting at actual movie theaters. Depending on the size of the room, your contractor can install one, two or more sconces on each side wall and connect them to dimmer switches. This will allow you to have the room partially lit after a movie without creating a high degree of contrast. For an added unique twist, think about equipping the sconces with red, blue, or green bulbs. On-Site Bar While it’s nice to have a vintage popcorn maker or the availability of other snacks in your home theater, talk to your contractor about building an on-site bar to the rear of the room. Imagine the atmosphere this bar could help create — you have your friends over for a movie night, but before you dim the lights and begin the screening, everyone can enjoy some appetizers and drinks laid out on the...

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Five Fabulous Focal Points To Add To Your Home’s Kitchen

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Do something a little bit different in your kitchen décor with some fascinating and fabulous focal points. These simple accents don’t require professional installation or remodeling, yet can change the mood and style of your home’s kitchen in a flash. Five fantastic features and focal points that will set your kitchen apart are: Native American textiles. Hang a great Indian textile on the wall of the kitchen for an eye-catching focal point that is a great way to incorporate some vibrant color in your space. Look for uniquely-patterned blankets or swaths of fabric that you can suspend with a dowel and string. Try to replicate the colors of your textile throughout the room, bringing deep blues, sunny yellows, rich reds, and warm browns to your kitchen. A butter churn. There is nothing more welcoming and rustic than an actual butter churn. These are often found at antique stores and second-hand stores in varying conditions, and even if they are in disrepair, these accents still make a warm statement for your kitchen. Place your churn in a spot where it will be noticed–near your fireplace, kitchen island, or a sunny window–and enjoy the country feeling that it brings to your home! A rocking chair. Another great focal point for your kitchen is a great rocking chair. Place this in a prominent spot, where you can visit with friends or family, read a cookbook, or even peel vegetables! These can be part of a cozy nook in your kitchen, where you find yourself spending much of your time, enjoying the sunlight or evening sunset. A weaving loom. If you are lucky enough to find one, a weaving loom is a great accent for the kitchen. These are interesting to look at, and will give your kitchen an instant jolt of warmth and rusticity, which works especially well in country-styled kitchens. Antique toys. Keep an eye out when visiting antique or consignment stores for unique old toys. These can be great features for your kitchen; for example, suspend an old trike or wagon from the beams on your ceiling. Consider lining a mantle or cupboard shelf with antique dolls, stuffed toys, or trinkets for another intriguing focal point that will garner attention from your guests and visitors. Add a new and fascinating focal point to your home’s kitchen with these accent ideas. Many of these things could be sitting in your garage or attic right now; dust them off and use them to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home’s kitchen that won’t be lost on visitors. Try these ideas and embrace the vintage vibe that these amazing accents offer. For more information or ideas, contact companies like Tara...

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Split-Unit Air Conditioner-What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

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When it comes to keeping your home cool and comfortable, there are several home air conditioning installation options to choose from. Some homeowners may opt for a window air conditioning unit while others may go the more traditional route and have a gas or electric HVAC system installed. But, there is another approach that some homeowners may not be aware of, a ductless air conditioning system, also known as a split-unit air conditioner.   What is a Split-Unit Air Conditioner? A split-unit air conditioner consists of two units: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit contains an air filter, the cooling coil and a blower. The outside unit is typically installed on the wall outside of the space that you want to cool. It contains that condenser coil, the compressor and expansion coil. This type of home air conditioning installation does not require duct-work. Instead, the two units are connected with tubing and a set of electrical wires. Benefits of a Split-Unit Air Conditioning System This type of air conditioning system has several advantages over traditional HVAC systems, including: In a split-unit system, the fan and compressor are located outside, so the main source of the noise is removed from indoors.   Split-unit air conditioning systems are available in single, dual and quad options. This allows you to install an inside unit in one, two or four rooms. The inside units are connected to a single outside unit. This allows you cool individual areas, instead of cooling the entire house. HVAC units require extensive air ducts throughout the house. As the cold or hot air travels through the ducts, a large portion of the heat is transferred outside, so the loss of heat must be compensated for, this causes the air conditioner to work harder, using more power. Since a split-unit air conditioner doesn’t use ducts and the refrigerant hoses are well-insulated, there is minimal heat loss. A split-unit home air conditioning installation is less labor intensive than a traditional HVAC system and unlike with window air conditioners, you will not lose a window. This type of system is more compact than an HVAC system, which makes them ideal for apartments, smaller homes and mobile homes. They are also ideal for larger homes with attic spaces or a basement. Split-unit systems are eco-friendly. They use less energy because they cool a specific space instead of trying to cool multiple rooms that are not in use. Split-unit systems can be used for both cooling and heating your home. Split-unit air conditioners are an efficient and cost-effective way to cool your home. This type of air conditioning does require professional installation and the initial installation cost for this type air conditioning unit is typically higher than the cost of installing a window unit. However, the amount of money you may save on the cost of your energy bill as well as the life-span of the unit will make the end result worth it. To learn more, contact a company like HomeSmart From Xcel...

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Three Landscaping Tips For New Homeowners

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The landscaping around your yard is essential for ensuring that your property looks the best that it possibly can. Unfortunately, it can be a common issue for homeowners to be fairly uninformed and inexperienced with addressing landscaping issue. If this is a topic that you are struggling to address, you may need to use the following few tips to help ensure that you get the most from your landscaping. Have Erosion Tests Performed Erosion can be a serious problem for any homeowner because it can make it impossible to keep plants alive while also posing a structural threat to the home. Fortunately,  you can seek the services of a professional landscaper to perform an erosion test on your soil. During these tests, the landscaper can test the erosion of the soil by conducting soil tests and monitoring how water drains. By studying the results of this test, you can determine the steps that need to be taken to protect your home from developing an excessive erosion issue. Incorporate Both Winter And Summer Plants In Your Landscape Design When you are choosing the plants for your property, you should make it a point to intermix winter and summer plants into the design. This will help to ensure that your property looks aesthetically pleasing regardless of the time of year. In particular, it is possible to combine winter and summer grasses to ensure that your lawn is always green and beautiful. Install An Irrigation System Watering your property is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task to do. To help you make this task more manageable, you should consider installing an automatic irrigation system. For the best results, you may want to opt for a drip irrigation system. These systems using a tubing that is able to gradually drip water onto the soil, and this can be more efficient than sprinklers because it will help to limit any evaporation that may happen. While this will require you making an investment in your property, this can prove to be more than worth it when you factor the savings on water usage this system may provide you over the lifetime of the irrigation system. If you have recently purchased your first home, you should make sure to have erosion tests conducted, incorporate a mix of winter and summer plants as well as opting to install a drip irrigation system. For more ideas, contact companies like Turfcare Unlimited Lawn Spray...

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3 Options When Considering The Flooring Material For Your Finished Basement

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If you’re working on creating a livable, finished basement, then you need to spend time thinking about the proper flooring material. If you choose the wrong type of flooring, then mold can develop and create an unpleasant and dangerous situation for you and your family. Basements are particularly tricky because you’re dealing with a concrete slab. The concrete is porous and will allow moisture vapor to rise up. This is why it’s important to choose the proper material. Below are three good options to consider for concrete basement floors. Olefin Carpet If you want something soft and prefer a full carpet over a series of rugs, then make sure you choose a carpet made of olefin. This is a synthetic material that is excellent in areas where there is the threat of moisture. The material is known for its resistance to wear and tear, and also for its moisture resistance properties. It’s not as soft as the plush carpets that you might use upstairs in your living room or bedroom, but it will not mold. One option you might consider is laying an olefin carpet wall-to-wall in the basement and then using plusher area rugs in certain places, such as where you situate the couch or lounging chairs. Flooring Tiles Designed With Built-in Vapor Barrier These tiles are designed to deal with the problem of moisture. The underside of the tiles are made of a material (oftentimes PVC) that will not rot. They are designed so that a channel of air (and moisture) can run underneath the tiles. The raised design prevents the body of the tile from coming into contact with the floor. There will also be a vapor barrier material between the PVC bottom of the tile and the decorative top. The surface of the tile will mimic the look of wood or ceramic. The advantage of individual tiles with a built-in vapor barrier is that you won’t have to go through the trouble of spreading out a separate vapor seal beforehand. These tiles can go right onto the concrete floor. They are designed to be inter-locking, which makes them very easy to install. Ceramic Tiles If you want a really nice looking floor with a high-end material, then look into using ceramic. This material is vastly superior to wood or engineered wood when it comes to moisture. You can set the tiles right onto the floor unless you live in a very cold area where the temps drop down below freezing during the wintertime. If that is the case, you will want to put down cement board or another synthetic underlayment on top of your basement concrete floor. This will help prevent the mortar used during the tilling process from cracking during extreme temperatures. If you do use a cement board, make sure to lay a vapor barrier between it and your concrete floor. This will prevent the underside of the cement from rotting. For more information, visit or a similar...

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Four Weed Control Mistakes To Avoid

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Unfortunately, a thriving and plush lawn sometimes comes along with weeds, but they are controllable. However, how well you are able to control your weeds has a lot to do with your weed control efforts. Here are just some of the control mistakes you want to avoid. Weed Control Fabric If you have weed control fabric in some areas, make sure you understand that it has an expiration date. The climate and how aggressive the weeds are growing in the space determine how long the fabric lasts. However, once it starts to get time for replacement, the fabric starts to deteriorate. Once this happens, it is no longer effective. Make it a habit to inspect the fabric at the start of each season to see if it’s time for replacement. Dirt Patches If you have some areas where grass is no longer growing and it’s simply a patch of dirt, don’t ignore this area. Leaving these spaces open is nothing shy of an invitation for weeds to grow. An open patch of dirt is actually more attractive to weeds than a space covered with grass or flowers. If you don’t want to plant grass in the space, you can plant a small flower or vegetable garden; just don’t live the space bare.    Weed Pulling When pulling weeds, there is a wrong and a right way to go about this process. Certain weeds, including dandelions, have roots that extended deep into the soil, known as taproots. If you don’t pull out the entire taproot, there is a chance that the weed can sprout right back up because new growths can generate from even a tiny remnant of taproot. Failing to pull correctly will only cause yourself more work, so make sure you are putting all the taproot out. Weedwackers There isn’t exactly anything wrong with weedwackers, but they definitely have their place when it comes to weed control. First, only use the weedwacker for the edge of your lawn or other spaces that might be a challenge to access. You should not be using the weedwacker as an alternative to pulling weeds. When you do this, you’re only cutting off the top of the weed, but the root is still intact and thriving. If your weeds are out of control, don’t hesitate a landscaping professional. A landscaper can assess your weed issues and help formulate the best plan for your lawn’s needs. Contact a company like Snyder’s Weed Control for more...

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Not On The Couch! Two Great Home Remedies To Deodorize Your House Before Guests Arrive

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Your pet just an accident in your living room again. While the mess is cleaned up, you can’t seem to get rid of that puppy poop smell. What’s worse is that you have company coming over for a party and you don’t have time to go out and buy an air freshener from the store. Don’t fret! Luckily for you, there are two home remedies that will remove the pet smell and leave your house smelling so fresh that your guests will wonder if you have gotten rid of your furry little friend.  Vodka Spray If you’re about to have a party, chances are you have a bottle of vodka lurking somewhere in your cupboards. Vodka is an excellent way to dispel pet smells because it evaporates almost instantly and soaks up unappealing smells around the house. In a regular spray bottle, mix in three cups of water, one cup of vodka and ten drops of any essential oil you have lying around the house. A citrus oil is usually the best to use for pet smells because the acid removes the bad smells without a problem while making your house smell fresh and inviting. Spray this mixture in the air and also six to ten inches away from furniture. Brown Sugar And Orange Peels Not everyone has vodka laying around their house. In this case, you can use a mixture of brown sugar and orange peels. The scent of the brown sugar is strong enough to mask the pet odor while the enzymes from the orange peels will break down the smell and eliminate it completely. Pour three cups of hot water into a spray bottle. The water has to be hot or the brown sugar won’t break down completely and will only get stuck in the nozzle. Add one-fourth cup of brown sugar. Next, grind up three to four orange peels in a blender and place those in the spray bottle. Screw on the cap to the spray bottle and shake very vigorously. Once all the contents are mixed completely, spray the concoction around your house, paying attention to the area where your pet made the mess. Be sure to spray your furniture and the common places that your pet likes to travel. You would be surprised how much stink can get caught in places around your house. Pets are just like family members, but that doesn’t make it any less upsetting when they make a mess in your home just minutes before guests are to arrive. Don’t stress over having no time to run to the store. By using one of the recipes listed above you will be well on your way to a fresh and clean smelling house just in time for your guests to arrive.  For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those...

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